Luca Grossi®

Mid-August look 2023

Like every year in mid-August, it is customary to celebrate summer together, with music, fun and fireworks.

And who doesn’t like to sport extravagant, and fashionable looks on these occasions?

That’s why we would like to propose some summer outfits suitable for mid-August holiday, which will make you feel unique and the centre of attention!

The first outfit we have selected for you consists of a skirt, a blouse and summer loafers. For example, the midi skirt, with ruffles and buttons at the sides, in solid black, the blouse with bare shoulders, ruffles and a transparent leopard print, and the moccasins in patent leather, embellished with a black varnished accessory, black leather sole and 2 cm heel, like item Harper 678 in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The second look consists of a dress and a heeled slipper. The dress is an oversized, mid-length model with a v-neck and drawstring, with a coloured flower pattern, and the slippers are suede, embellished with platinum-coloured accessories, a beige rubber sole, leather lining and an 8.5 cm heel, like item Katia 753 in the brandy-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

Another combination we propose is trousers, a top and sandals. The trousers are short-cut and wide-bottomed, with grey flowers on a black background, the bandeau top, asymmetrical with a side slit, in solid white, and the suede sandals, with a sand-coloured rubber sole with platinum detail, leather lining and 3 cm wedge, like item Latifa 164 in the khaki-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

As a last outfit, we chose a dress and sandals. The dress is midi-length and wrap-around, with a side slit, in a black and white poi pattern, while the sandals are suede, with a black leather sole, leather lining and 3 cm heel, like item Lena 028 in the black version by Luca Grossi.