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Leisure look August 2023

During the month of August, everyone usually has more free time to devote to their commitments.

They can be of a varied nature: leisure, summer holidays, self-care, appointments with friends and so on.

All these are moments to be taken ‘lightly’, just like the outfits we can wear on those precise occasions!

Although you can dress up without commitment, we have created outfits for you precisely to make choosing the right clothes and shoes easier.

Let’s look at four leisure outfits for your August 2023!

A first suggestion is to wear trousers, a shirt, and loafers. For example, tapered linen-blend mom-fit trousers in plain white, an oversized shirt with a lively retro print in shades of green, and suede moccasins embellished with a platinum accessory, with a leather sole, leather lining and 2 cm heel, like item Geltrude 842 in the green version by Luca Grossi.

Then we chose for you a look consisting of shorts, a tank top, and trainers. The plain chino-style shorts in a stone-grey colour, the satin tank top laced at the front with a multicoloured floral print, and the calfskin trainers embellished with white varnished eyelets, white laces, a 3 cm white rubber sole and leather lining, like item Jacaranda 704 in the white colour version by Luca Grossi.

We recommend a skirt, a top and loafers. The linen midi skirt with a bias cut in a solid terracotta colour, the sleeveless top with openings at the back in a solid white colour, and the moccasins in patent leather, white and sand rubber sole, leather lining and 1,5 cm heel, like item Gabriella 086 in the nude colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a last outfit, we propose one consisting of a dress and slippers. The soft cotton dress with knotted straps and calf-length skirt, in a solid mustard colour, and the suede slippers, with a leather sole, leather lining and 2 cm heel, like item Kate 800 in the purple version by Luca Grossi.