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Elegant look August 2023

How great are summer outfits? Especially when it comes to elegant looks that make us feel beautiful and neat.

We can wear long or short dresses, tops, blouses, tailored trousers, skirts, complementing them with low sandals, heeled sandals, slippers or elegant loafers.

It’s great to vary, which is why we have chosen for you some elegant outfits for August 2023!

The first outfit we recommend is trousers, a top and pumps. The trousers are a high-waisted, linen-blend, stone-coloured dad style, the bohemian top is laced at the neck and has a neckline at the front, in a solid beige colour, and the pumps are made of woven leather, with a white and sand-coloured rubber sole, leather lining and 9 cm heel, like item Ilaria 2128 in sand-coloured by Luca Grossi.

The second look consists of trousers, a tank top and sandals. The trousers are made of muslin with a black and white print, the tank top with a plain black lace trim, and the leather sandals with a black leather sole, leather lining and 3 cm heel, like item Lena 952 in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The third outfit we propose is a dress and décolleté. The midi dress with open shoulders and a waist tie, made of chiffon with a mauve rose print, and the leather and mesh décolleté, with a leather sole, leather lining and 5 cm heel, like item Hazelhet in the nude colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a last option, you can wear a skirt, atop and heeled slippers. The long voile flounced skirt with asymmetrical bottom in solid black, the one-shoulder top with gold-coloured ruffles, and the leather slippers embellished with a platinum-coloured accessory, leather sole, leather lining and 4,5 cm heel, like item Karissa 440 in the platinum-coloured version by Luca Grossi.