Luca Grossi®

Casual look August 2023

Fresh, comfortable and fashionable are the three adjectives to define our casual summer looks!

Choosing this style is very practical and quick, especially with the right choice of garments and footwear; they can be colourful, monochromatic, or even combinations of different but perfectly matching genres.

Not sure which to choose?

Here are four suggestions for casual summer looks for you!

The first outfit we recommend consists of trousers, top and heeled sandals. For example, you can wear linen-blend trousers with a sewn-in waistband in a solid olive-green colour, a top with bare shoulders and ¾ sleeves in linen, in a solid ivory colour, and woven leather sandals with a sand-coloured rubber sole, wooden heel, leather lining and 8,5 cm heel, like item Lavinia 323 in the sand-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

The second look can be created with a skirt, a waistcoat and special brogues. The long bohemian-style flounced lace skirt in solid white, the short-cut waistcoat with a front slit in solid cream, and the woven leather brogues with a leather sole, leather lining and 2,5 cm heel, like item Gaeva 654 in the platinum-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

Another combination consists of a dress and slippers. The dress is a pleated midi-dress with a cut-out on the side, in black with coloured flowers, and the suede slippers are embellished with a platinum-coloured accessory, leather sole, leather lining and 1,5 cm heel, like item Karissa 440, in the orange-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

Finally, we propose a jumpsuit and summer trainers. The apron-style jumpsuit, with a ruffled and flounced effect, in a rust-coloured plain colour, and the suede trainers, enriched with mesh and tone-on-tone elastic, with a white rubber sole, leather lining and 3 cm heel, like item Jordyn 642 in the beige version by Luca Grossi.