Luca Grossi®

The Brand history

In this new article we will discover together the history and evolution of our Luca Grossi brand.

Our story begins in Tuscany in 1950, when Renato Grossi opens a small workshop for the production of women’s footwear; he produces fine shoes, handmade exclusively with fine Italian leathers, therefore footwear totally Made in Italy.

What does Made in Italy mean?

The wording Made in Italy indicates the provenance and origin of the materials and the production of a particular product. Made in Italy footwear is a protection for one’s health since in Italy, unlike other countries, absolutely no toxic materials are used for their production but only certified and refined materials. So, when you buy a Made in Italy product, you are sure to buy a quality product.

In 1970 Luca, Renato’s son, after his studies chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and therefore continue in the production of women’s shoes.

Luca’s dream, however, is to transform the small laboratory into a company, and so together with his wife Nada in Monsummano Terme he lays the foundations of the brand.

In 1976 the Luca Grossi brand was born, which produces women’s shoes entirely designed and made in Italy with the highest quality materials from the Tuscan tanning district, an Italian excellence in the world.

In the Eighties the Luca Grossi brand also established itself on a European level, receiving recognition both nationally and internationally, thus consolidating the presence of the brand in the footwear market.

Luca’s dream has come true: it is no longer a small laboratory, but a large reality known all over the world.

Today the story continues, Luca Grossi with his sons Daniele and Marco are at the helm of the company.

The brand now has an international face and exports its creations to over 50 countries around the world.

But as in the Seventies, even today the strengths of the company do not change; beauty, quality and attention to detail are present in every shoe, and the shoes are designed and produced entirely in Italy with excellent materials and craftsmanship.