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Presentation of the S-S 2021 Collection

Here we are with the first article on our footwear; in this new article we discover together, in general, the shoes of the new Spring Summer 2021 collection.

In this new collection, there is a varied choice of footwear, each different model to meet the needs of all women, we have ballet flats, slippers, décolleté, moccasins, slippers, sandals and sneakers.

Ballerinas: as ballerinas, we have the elegant but fashionable ballerina like the Hedy458 item in black version, elegant and bon ton like the Priscilla468 item in black version or particular and colorful like the Brigitta773 item in multicolored version.

Slippers: the slippers are comfortable and modern and we can choose a comfortable but imaginative slipper like item Alda440 in orange version, elegant and classy like item Ginevra622 in platinum version or comfortable but stylish like item Ava560 in white version.

Décolleté: the décolleté is the women’s shoe par excellence, romantic but with character like the Giuditta530 item in red version, classic and elegant like the Cleopatra180 item in black version or particular but comfortable like the Esther3901 item in black-brown version.

Loafers: loafers are a must for all seasons! Imaginative and comfortable like item Marilyn837 in leopard version, elegant with heel like item Coco424 in leather version or practical and comfortable like item Michelle086 in nude version.

Slippers: slippers are modern and comfortable suitable for all women. Elegant and with fur like the Artemisia657 item in black version or comfortable but stylish like the Liz412 item in date version, alternatively comfortable and elegant like the Eleanor584 item in multicolored version.

Sandals: sandals are the protagonists for the summer season. Romantic and with high heels like item Elsa028 in red version, versatile and with high heels like item Frida510 in black version or modern and with wedges like the Rita989 item in steel version.

Sneakers: sneakers can only be missing. Particular but comfortable like the Sandra642 item in blue version, particular and classy like the Claudia634 item in the white version or classic with an elegant touch like the Beatrice535 item in pink version.

These were just a few items in this new collection, discover them all present!