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Christmas look

The Christmas period has arrived again this year!

What Christmas look can we wear?

In this new article let’s see together some Christmas looks with our footwear that you can wear during these festive days.

There are those who opt for traditional looks and those who opt for more particular looks, but one thing they have in common is the search for novelties and combinations to have a perfect outfit for the holidays!

Let’s start with the first look we designed for you, an elegant look made up of cigarette trousers, shirt, vest and moccasin. For example, we can opt for plain cigarette trousers in midnight blue, a classic shirt in plain silver, a vest in plain midnight blue like the trousers and finally a suede moccasin with a low heel like the Agata 882 item in the blue version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit we propose is made up of a knitted dress and ankle boot. For example, we can opt for a plain black knitted dress with a medium-length pencil skirt and V-neckline, we can add a gold belt to give a touch of light, and finally we can match it with an ankle boot with midi heels , in green suede like the Gioia 163 item in the green version by Luca Grossi.

The third look we have chosen for you is a classic and traditional look for the Christmas holidays, the look consists of a tartan skirt, sweater and brogues. We can combine a medium-length skirt in red, green and gold tartan with a simple plain black sweater and finally some low-heeled brogues in patent leather and long-skin calfskin like the Barbara 488 item in the black version of Luca Grossi.

The fourth, and last, outfit that we recommend for these Christmas holidays consists of a satin skirt, shirt and pumps. An elegant and fashionable look that we can recreate by wearing a medium-length satin skirt in a burgundy color, a cream-colored shirt with particular balloon sleeves and finally some suede pumps with midi heels like the item Diana 758 in the brandy version by Luca Grossi.