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New Year’s Eve look 2024

The most important holiday of the year has arrived, New Year’s Eve has arrived!

What are the perfect New Year’s Eve looks to create with Luca Grossi footwear?

Let’s see together in this new article!

Choosing the perfect outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve is never easy, but with a few suggestions we can create the perfect look!

Are you ready to discover them together?

Let’s start with the first outfit we designed for you, an elegant outfit that we can create by combining palazzo trousers, a top, a blazer and a loafers. For example, we can opt for a chenille palazzo trousers in a solid color in burgundy, a lace top in a solid color in black, a double-breasted chenille blazer coordinated with the trousers in a solid color in burgundy and finally a loaferin patent leather with low heel like the Aida 199 item in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The second look we propose consists of a pleated skirt, long-sleeved top and ankle boot. A chic and at the same time comfortable look that we can recreate by wearing a medium-length pleated skirt in solid black colour, a long-sleeved top in solid color in silver with sequins and finally a crocodile-print patent leather ankle boot with midi heel like the Gaia 3950 item in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The third outfit we have chosen for you is made up of a sheath dress and décolleté. A classic New Year’s Eve look, we can for example choose a plain black sheath dress with glitter details, with a sweetheart neckline and side slit, and combine it with a patent leather décolleté with high heel like the Cecilia 3901 item in the brown version by Luca Grossi.

As the last and fourth look we propose the combination of a jumpsuit and a particular loafers. For example, we can opt for a plain black jumpsuit with lace trousers with a wide bottom, a high neck with a particular neckline in the back and a belt at the waist with a brown bow, and combine it with a particular suede loafer with low heels like the Daria 678 item in the leopard version by Luca Grossi.