Luca Grossi®

Beach event look July 2023

In these summer months it is always nice to go to the beach to sunbathe, but also to go to some event by the sea.

The right outfits for this type of occasion are those that are cool, soft, fluttery, and comfortable, including footwear; especially if the event takes place on the sand.

We have a few ideas for your beach events this July!

As a first look, we recommend one consisting of a dress and heeled sandal. For example, you can choose a sundress-style dress, midi-length, and oversize, with thin straps and a pleated bodice, lilac in colour and with a pink flower pattern, and leather sandals with a leather sole, leather lining and an 8 cm wedge, such as item Lea 928 in the nude colour version by Luca Grossi.

Another outfit can be created by wearing shorts, a shirt, and slippers. The mom-style shorts in a linen blend with white belt loops at the waist, the short linen shirt in a solid emerald green colour, and the suede slippers with a leather sole, leather lining and 2 cm heel, like item Kate 800 in the green colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a third combination, we suggest you wear a skirt, a top and slippers. The long, textured, flounced skirt in a plain rust-brown colour, the gauze top with voluminous sleeves and a square neckline, in a plain powder colour, and the woven leather slippers with a sand rubber and cork compound sole and a 3 cm wedge, like item Kalpana 216 in the hemp-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

As a last look you can create it with a dress and sandals. You can choose a long dress tied at the neck, with thin straps, with a patterned print in shades of black, beige, pink and light blue, and leather sandals with a black and gold elasticated strap, black rubber sole with gold detailing, leather lining and 3 cm wedge, like item Lisa 734 in the black version by Luca Grossi.