Luca Grossi®

Office look July 2023

The right office outfit is not so easy to find! In fact, matching clothes and shoes of different styles and still looking elegant and professional is an everyday task.

It’s not very difficult to find the perfect look; it’s enough to choose simple clothes and footwear that, when combined, create the right harmony and style.

Here is our selection of office outfits for this July!

Our first piece of advice is to wear a skirt, a top and trainers. The midi skirt in washed black denim, with a slit at the bottom, the asymmetric one-shoulder ruffled top with a white flower, in solid black, and the trainers in white printed crocodile leather, with platinum crystal accessories, platinum laminate inserts, a 3 cm white rubber sole and leather lining, like item Jacqueline 686 in the white version by Luca Grossi.

We then propose a look composed of trousers, a shirt, and loafers. The wide-bottomed trousers, fastened at the waist, in plain black lace, the soft long-sleeved shirt, with a milk-coloured bottom and black polka dots, and the moccasins in nappa leather, embellished with a milk-coloured accessory, a 2,5 cm white rubber sole and leather lining, like item Gemma 873 in the milk-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

Another outfit you can sport is a dress and a heeled loafer. The dress is a midi dress in soft denim, laced at the back with a bow, in solid black, and the moccasins in suede, embellished with a platinum-coloured accessory, leather and black rubber sole, leather lining and 6 cm wedge, like item Imma 544 in the black colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a last combination, you can wear trousers, a blouse, and sandals. The dress trousers, in a linen blend with a high waist, in a solid beige colour, the stone-coloured blouse, with a laminated print, cut out on the back and ruffles, and the suede sandals, sand-coloured rubber sole with platinum detail, leather lining and 3 cm wedge, like item Latifa 164 in the khaki colour version by Luca Grossi.