Luca Grossi®

Spring 2024 look

Spring has finally arrived!

And the time has come to think about new looks!

With the change of season it’s time to also renew your clothing and footwear.

What are the trends for this new season?

Definitely the trench coats, the fringes, the flowers and the leopard print.

In this new article let’s see together four looks to create this spring 2024.

The first look we have chosen for you consists of cigarette trousers, shirt, trench coat and slippers. For example, we can opt for a plain pastel pink cigarette trousers, a classic plain white shirt, a plain platinum trench coat and finally a patent leather slipper with midi heels like the item QUERIDA481 in the pink version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit created for you consists of a knitted dress, jacket and moccasin. An example? We can combine a camel-coloured knitted dress with long sleeves and a bardot neckline, a brown plain-coloured jacket with fringes and finally a leather moccasin with high heels like the OLIVIA543 article in the white version by Luca Grossi.

As a third look, however, we propose the combination of jeans, top, shirt and sneakers. A casual look that we can create with a mom fit version of jeans in light denim, a solid red top with a square neckline, a black velor shirt with 3D red flower appliqué and finally a leather sneaker like the article PANDORA053 in the milk version by Luca Grossi.

The fourth, and last, outfit that we have designed for you consists of: satin skirt, pullover and sandal. We can choose a medium-length satin skirt in a leopard print, a plain beige yarn pullover and finally a suede sandal with midi heel like the RENATA117 article in the leopard version by Luca Grossi.