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It is a startup founded by Max Rhodes in San Francisco, USA, which has now also expanded throughout Europe; is a platform where all companies can sell their products wholesale.

Through the dedicated link you can find Luca Grossi shoes, with all the benefits of Faire: 60-day payment on all orders, repeated and simplified orders and free returns for the first orders.

The Luca Grossi company wants to make its Made in Italy products known all over the world, establishing itself in the market precisely for the quality of the products it offers.

This wholesale allows retailers to purchase high-quality items from independent producers and artisans.

The Luca Grossi brand produces totally Made in Italy footwear, but what does this term mean?

The caption Made in Italy indicates the provenance and origin of the materials and the production of the products. It is a protection for one’s health since in Italy, unlike other countries, absolutely no-toxic materials are used for their production, but only certified and refined materials.

Furthermore, Luca Grossi will participate in the Faire Winter Market!

You will be able to buy Luca Grossi shoes with more advantageous offers during the 5-day virtual fair of Faire to be held from January 31st to February 4th 2022.