Luca Grossi®

Lavorazione TAL ®

What does “Lavorazione TAL”® consist of?

This process, signed by Luca Grossi, comes from a complicated union of multiple processes with which greater flexibility is achieved.

In detail, it is a particular insole with a specific seam and application that make the sole very flexible until it folds back on itself without causing any problems to the grip, stability, and quality of the sole itself.

The goal of our designers was to create a comfortable and flexible but at the same time casual style women’s shoe, a new line called “Casual Tal”, ideal for working and travelling women.

This innovative process can be found both in the footwear of our Fall – Winter collection and in the Spring – Summer season: in the footwear where this process is used, our “Lavorazione Tal”® brand is applied.

To safeguard this type of processing and give the footwear an identity, and above all a recognizability, we have regularly registered the “Lavorazione Tal” ® trademark both in Italy and in various parts of the world.

Furthermore, it is in our rubber soles with “Lavorazione TAL”® that we also applied our Luca Grossi logo, to make our look exclusive and briefly represent the union between the “Lavorazione TAL”® and our company, carrying out studies to create this customized sole and making a product with greater lightness, portability, and comfort.

This process is carried out obviously maintaining the characteristic of the totally Made in Italy production that has always distinguished us and combining it with the new sole always with the aim of originality, quality, comfort; characteristics that are always present in all our products, adding new colors and combinations to always keep up with the fashions and trends of the moment.