Luca Grossi®

Item Lavinia 323

Many women wear sandals in the summertime, especially because they are feminine footwear that goes with everything!

Our Lavinia 323 are characterised by woven leather, a sand rubber sole, leather lining and a 8,5 cm wooden heel.

These summer shoes are available in two different colours: sand and silver.

We suggest a few outfits for you to wear with the Lavinia 323 sandals!

As a first look, we recommend wearing a simple outfit consisting of a skirt, tank top and sandals. For example, a long denim skirt with a slit at the front, in solid white, a tank top with a square neckline and visible stitching, in solid black, and Lavinia 323 sandals in silver version by Luca Grossi.

Our second proposal is a casual combination consisting of trousers, a top and sandals. The trousers are a wide-bottomed dad style with matching buttons, in a chocolate-coloured plain colour, the corset top with puffed sleeves and bare shoulders, in a white plain colour, and finally the Lavinia 323 sandals in the sand version by Luca Grossi.

Lastly, we chose an elegant outfit consisting of a dress and sandals. We chose a flounced midi dress with lace trim, silver-embroidered roses on a black background, and finally the Lavinia 323 sandals in the silver version by Luca Grossi.