Luca Grossi®

Item Abigail 882

The loafer is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance!

It is a versatile shoe that can be worn all year round and with all kinds of clothing; in short, it is a must-have for all seasons.

Abigail 882 is a casual suede shoe, embellished with a chain accessory, rubber sole, leather lining and 2.5 cm heel.

You can find it in five variants: in maple suede, in black patent leather, in black leather, in brown suede and in milk patent leather.

Let us show you a few looks that you can achieve with Abigail 882!

As a first outfit, we suggest one consisting of jeans, a jumper and loafers. For example, you can wear high-waisted palazzo jeans in plain brown, a jumper with a transparent, loose knit in ivory, and Abigail 882 loafers in the maple-coloured suede version by Luca Grossi.

You can achieve a casual look by wearing trousers, a cardigan and moccasins. The high-waisted cargo trousers in black leather, the cardigan with collar and buttons on the front in a solid oat colour, and the Abigail 882 loafers in the milk-coloured patent leather version by Luca Grossi.

Finally, if you choose an elegant outfit, you can wear a dress and loafers. The knitted, ultra-soft midi dress with Bardot neckline in solid dove-colour, and the Abigail 882 loafers in the black paint leather version by Luca Grossi.