Luca Grossi®

Elegant looks May 2022

May is a month of ceremonies, parties and celebrations.

The dress code to participate in these events is certainly an elegant look, which does not mean boring or “classic”. We can also create an elegant look with colorful and particular garments and shoes.

Let’s find out some elegant outfit ideas to create this month with Luca Grossi shoes.

Let’s start with the first elegant look we have designed for you, comfortable and with a romantic touch, consisting of a pleated dress and a low-heeled décolleté. For example, we can choose to wear a solid  pastel lilac color dress, pleated, of medium length, sleeveless with the neckline on the back and tied at the neck, and combine it with a leather décolleté with a low heel like item Barbra 623 in the nude version by Luca Grossi.

The second elegant outfit that we propose for this month of May is made up of palazzo trousers, shirt and loafer. Suitable for both a ceremony and an important occasion, we can opt for plain black palazzo trousers, a plain white shirt with a particular black ruffle on the front, and concluding the look with a loafer in leather with midi heels like the Beatrice 544 item in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The third, on the other hand, is a look made up of a full skirt, puff sleeve top and décolleté. An example? We can combine a medium-length full skirt in solid blue color, a blue and gold striped patterned top with puffed sleeves, and finally a suede décolleté with midi heel like item Caterina 410 in the blue version by Luca Grossi.

The fourth and last elegant look that we recommend you create is made up of cigarette trousers, blazer, top and décolleté. For example, we can opt for a solid green color cigarette trousers, a solid green double-breasted blazer combined with the trousers, a plain beige top and finally a patent leather décolleté with a low heel such item Claudia 614 in the beige version by Luca Grossi.