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Elegant Look November 2023

November has arrived, and it’s time to think about new looks!

In this new article, we discover some new elegant outfits to wear this month.

The choice of an elegant look always puts us in a dilemma, will it be too ordinary? Not elegant enough?

How many questions we ask ourselves when we have to choose an elegant look for a special occasion?

Well, by reading this article, you will surely find the outfit idea you are looking for!

Let’s start with the first look we’ve thought of for you, which consists of a dress, a coat, and oxfords. For example, we can opt for a medium-length dress in plain black, with a high neck and braided knitwork, a coat with solid beige buttons, and finally, a mid-heel oxfords like the Beata 3023 in the beige version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit we propose is composed of cigarette pants, a shirt, and loafers. It’s a classic but always fashionable look. We can pair solid military green cigarette pants with a solid black shirt with puff sleeves and platinum jewel buttons. Complete the look with rubber-soled loafers with TAL workmanship, like the Aida 199 in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The third look, on the other hand, is an elegant and chic look, and we can create it by pairing pants, a top, and pumps. We can choose solid anthracite wide-legged pants with a high waist and pair them with a solid black top with a V-neck and long lace sleeves. Finally, add mid-heel pumps like the Diana 758 in the black version by Luca Grossi.

As the fourth, and last outfit, we suggest the classic combination of a skirt, a top, a jacket, and ankle boots. You can opt for a medium-length sand-colored bouclé skirt with side buttons, a solid brown top, a coordinating sand-colored bouclé jacket, and finally, mid-heel ankle boots like the Gioia 163 in the cognac version by Luca Grossi.