Luca Grossi®

Casual looks February 2023

The most popular and quickest style to pull off is the casual look.

It is versatile in that it is suitable for many different occasions and requires very little to compose your perfect casual look.

It also turns out to be the most comfortable, simplest, and least demanding style if it is achieved with the right clothes and footwear.

We have a few tips for you, so you can wear perfect casual outfits this February!

As a first look, we recommend one consisting of trousers, a jumper, and loafers. The trousers are a dress model, straight slim, in solid plum colour, the jumper with a transparent, wide knit in a solid ivory colour, and the moccasins in suede embellished with a biscuit-coloured varnished chain accessory, mastic-coloured rubber sole, leather lining and 2.5 cm heel, like item Abigail 882 in the maple-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit consists of a skirt, a top and loafers. The skirt is mid-length in black denim, the top has long sleeves with ties at the front in a solid cobalt colour, the moccasins are leather embellished with a dark nikel accessory, with a black rubber sole, dark brown leather lining and a 4 cm heel, like item Babette 446 in the black colour version by Luca Grossi.

Another combination can be created with trousers, a top and trainers. The straight black leather trousers, the oversize wrap-around top with cream-coloured bell sleeves, and the brown suede trainers with taupe wool elastic cut-outs embellished with a black opaque accessory, black rubber sole, dark brown leather lining and 4 cm heel wedges, like item Diana 630 in the brown version by Luca Grossi.

The fourth look we have chosen for you consists of a skirt, a jumper and ankle boots. The skirt is a high-waisted midi skirt in plain biscuit-coloured jersey, the jumper is ribbed with a beige and black striped motif, and finally the calfskin ankle boots with black elastic bands, a black rubber sole with copper chain, leather lining and a 3 cm heel, like item Esmaela 445 in the milk-coloured version by Luca Grossi.