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Casual Look October 2023

Autumn is upon us; October has arrived and it’s time to think about new autumn looks!

In this new article let’s see together some casual autumn looks to wear in this month of October.

The first look we have chosen for you consists of a satin skirt, sweater, and ankle boots. For example, we can opt for a medium-length satin skirt in a solid lilac colour, a grey sweater with black diamonds, in light thread, and finally an ankle boot with laces and rubber sole like the Fiamma 126 article in the black version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit we propose is jeans, a T-shirt, a cardigan, and sneakers. We can recreate A comfortable, casual, fashionable outfit by combining light-coloured denim cigarette jeans, a simple plain white t-shirt, a long plain taupe cardigan and finally sneakers like the Erica 165 article in the beige version by Luca Grossi.

The third look we designed for you is a modern look consisting of leather trousers, a top, a blazer and a slipper. This is a casual autumn look that we can create with modern black leather trousers, a simple plain black turtleneck top, a plain grey double-breasted blazer and finally a patent leather slipper with midi heels like the Dafne 703 article in the black version by Luca Grossi.

Finally, lastly, we offer you a casual outfit consisting of a dress and moccasin. The mix between dress and moccasin is perfect when you want to create a casual look, for example, we can opt for a medium-length knitted dress in a solid olive-green colour, with a wrap skirt and bell sleeves and match it with a moccasin with a rubber sole. rubber like the Ambra 815 article in the milk version by Luca Grossi.