Luca Grossi®

Office look June 2023

Office attire, like that for any other work with people, must have a neat, decent, and comfortable look.

Despite these guidelines, it is possible to combine must-have items for professional outfits, such as classic shirts, dresses, skirts and tailored trousers.

But what are the trendy looks for the office this June?

We have chosen four alternatives for you to wear!

The first outfit we have created for you consists of a skirt, a top and a décolleté. The skirt is a wide, midi model with flounces, in a solid chocolate colour, the top is gathered and laced at the neck, in a solid cream colour, and the décolleté are made of woven leather, with a rubber sole, leather lining and 9 cm heel, like item Ilaria 2128 in the sand colour version by Luca Grossi.

The second proposal we recommend consists of trousers, a top and loafers. Cigarette-style tailored trousers, with a beige polka dot pattern on a blue background, a crumpled top with lace-up detail, in a solid oatmeal colour, and leather loafers enriched with a platinum accessory, leather sole, leather lining and 1.5 cm heel, like item Gelsomina 939 in the nude colour version by Luca Grossi.

You can wear a skirt, a tank top and décolleté as a third look. The bias-cut linen midi skirt in solid white, the one-shoulder tank top in textured yarn in solid salmon, and the décolleté in soft patent leather, embellished with a platinum accessory, leather sole, leather lining and 5 cm heel, like item Hailey 702 in the salmon-coloured version by Luca Grossi.

Finally, you can wear a dress and heeled slippers as a last alternative. A midi day dress, with buttons and ruffled sleeves, in a sky-blue plain colour, and leather slippers, embellished with silver-coloured accessories, rubber soles, leather lining and 8.5 cm heel, like item Katia 753 in the white colour version by Luca Grossi.