Luca Grossi®

Office look January 2023

Everyone, fashionistas and those who like to dress in up-to-date clothes also like to feel adequate and perfect for every occasion, including going to the office.

There are many outfits you can wear every day, but the elegant and professional style is the most popular.

Have you already thought of a few everyday looks that are ideal for the office? We’ll help you choose some!

Here are four outfits you can wear this January!

A first look consists of trousers, a shirt, a blazer and ankle boots. The trousers are soft palazzo trousers in solid beige, the long-sleeved shirt in ivory satin, the blazer with an asymmetrical cut in black and the suede ankle boots embellished with a platinum accessory, black rubber sole, dark brown leather lining and a 7 cm heel, like the Filomena 655 item in the black version by Luca Grossi.

As a second combination, we propose one consisting of trousers, a jumper and brogues. The trousers are dark brown straight cargo trousers, the jumper is short, high-necked, with sand-coloured pearls on the sleeves, and the leather brogues are embellished with a brown chain accessory, an amber-coloured rubber sole, leather lining and a 4 cm heel, like item Beatriz 437 in the leather version by Luca Grossi.

The third outfit we have chosen for you can be created with a skirt, a turtleneck and pumps. The skirt is pleated, midi-length, brown with a check pattern, the turtleneck with plain rust-coloured batwing sleeves, and leather pumps with a leather sole, leather lining and 6 cm heel, like item Carla 424 in the brandy version by Luca Grossi.

As a last outfit, we recommend one consisting of a skirt, a blouse, a jumper and sneakers. The long, low-waisted black nylon skirt, the long slim white blouse, the round-neck jumper with black transparency, and the leather trainers embellished with beige/gold elastic and platinum and crystal bee accessories, white rubber sole, leather lining and 3 cm heel, like item Dafne 217 in the cream version by Luca Grossi.