Luca Grossi®

Item Barbra 623

In Luca Grossi’s collection you can find footwear of all types and for all your needs, such as Barbra 623; a leather décolleté, leather sole and leather lining with 2 cm high heel.

This model can be found in two color variants: nude leather and black leather.

These décolletés are versatile shoes suitable for both daytime looks and more elegant evening looks.

How can we adapt the Barbra 623 décolleté by Luca Grossi to all occasions?

Now we will let you discover what are the possible combinations to create simple, casual and elegant looks.

The first one chosen for you is a comfortable outfit given by the combination of jeans with a t-shirt. For example, by choosing light skinny jeans you can wear a beige t-shirt with lace on the collar and sleeves, and finally the Barbra 623 décolleté in the nude version by Luca Grossi.

The second outfit we propose is a casual style, consisting of trousers, a blouse and a décolleté. We can think of combining Capri model trousers with plain white fringes with an oversized blouse with half sleeves in a white and red striped pattern, and then complete the look with item Barbra 623 in the nude version by Luca Grossi.

As last outfit instead we suggest an elegant combination, consisting of skirt, top and décolleté. The skirt we have chosen is a medium-length sheath model in solid black with a small slit on the back, the top instead is crocheted in a solid beige color, with straps of ruffles dropped, and to finish the outfit item Barbra 623 in the black version by Luca Grossi.