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Elegant look May 2024

The month of May is certainly the month that begins the various ceremonies.

Weddings, baptisms, sacrament of communion: May is the perfect month!

One of the first questions a woman asks herself when she is invited to a ceremony is: what should I wear?

In this new article let’s see together four outfits that you can wear to a ceremony in this month of May!

The first look we have chosen for you consists of a modern jumpsuit and slip-on. For example, we can wear a solid green jumpsuit with a V-neck, short sleeves with particular bands of veil that fall and trousers with a wide bottom, combining it with a patent leather slip-on with midi heel like the item NAIROBI801 in the version black by Luca Grossi.

As a second outfit we propose the combination of a dress and high-heeled sandal. We can opt for an elegant dress in a solid beige color, with a sweetheart neckline, a medium-length tulle skirt and a particular bodice with glitter, finishing the look with a high-heeled leather sandal like the SARA955 item in Luca’s military version Grossi.

As a third look we thought of a combination of cigarette trousers, lace top, blazer and loafers. A look that is certainly classic and always elegant, we can opt for plain cigarette trousers in pastel blue with a matching double-breasted blazer, a simple lace top in plain white and finally a leather loafer with a low heel like the item MARZIA350 in the milk version by Luca Grossi.

As the fourth, and last, outfit we have chosen for you the combination of a wide skirt, shirt and chanel. An elegant outfit with a bon ton touch, we can for example choose a medium-length full skirt with a high waist in a solid color in fuchsia, a shirt to be inserted inside the skirt, in silk in a solid color in powder pink with three-quarter sleeves and a large flower applied on the front, finishing the look with a leather chanel with low heel like the item NATASHA708 in the milk version by Luca Grossi.