Luca Grossi®

Casual look June 2023

Casual outfits are among the most versatile and adaptable to a variety of occasions, whatever the event in question.

All casual looks can be recreated by combining colourful, fashionable, extravagant garments and footwear!

And yet, the watchword for this popular style remains ‘comfort’.

Are you curious about the latest trends for the perfect casual look?

Here are our tips!

The first combination we have chosen for you consists of a dress and heeled sandal. For example, you can wear a midi day dress with a collar, short puff sleeves and a drawstring waist, in a solid moss green colour, and some woven leather sandals with a rubber sole, wooden heel, leather lining and 8,5 cm heel, such as item Lavinia 323 in the sand colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a second outfit, we propose jeans, a t-shirt, and moccasins. The jeans are a high-waisted mom fit model, blue in colour and with slits at the bottom, the boxy t-shirt, short cut, in sangallo lace and embroidery, plain white in colour, and the moccasins in woven leather, embellished with a blue varnished chain accessory, white rubber sole, leather lining and 2,5 cm heel, like item Giada 780 in the white and blue version by Luca Grossi.

You can recreate another look we would like to recommend by wearing a skirt, a top and sneakers. The vintage flounced skirt, country style, in solid beige colour, the asymmetrical double-layered top, sinuous one-shoulder, in solid black colour, and the leather trainers, embellished with beige/gold elastic and platinum and crystal bee accessories, 3 cm white rubber sole and leather lining, such as item Jacinta 217 in the milk colour version by Luca Grossi.

As a final outfit, we chose a long dress paired with slippers. The dress is long with a crocheted bodice and cashmere print skirt, in shades of beige and brown, and the suede slippers, with leather soles, leather lining and 2 cm heels, like item Kate 800 in the leopard-coloured version by Luca Grossi.